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Hale MRI

What is MRI?

The Hale MRI (Measurement Recording Instrument) transmits extremely precise 3-D data to the computer from your propeller. Pitch, rake, track, spacing, thickness, geometry, and camber are recorded in order to make an exact match or optimize repair accuracy.
Why select MRI?

The data we record will provide absolute recognition of your propeller condition. Decisions can them be made to:

Restore to original
Restore and adjust for your operating condition.
Restore to optimal performance including:
· Synchronized propeller loading
· Improved speed and improved fuel economy
· Minimization of vibration and noise

What are the long term benefits?

Once your desired performance is obtained, future propeller repair or manufacture can match that MRI file. This file can be sent to you electronically or stored in our database for future use.

Contact us toll free at (877)238-8214. Our MRI shop is staffed with propeller repair professionals with years of developed repair skills.

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