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Acme Ski Boat Propellers

Acme Ski Boat Propellers

Acme Props - Acme Ski Boat Propellers

The Delta Propeller Company is a proud supplier of three and four blade Acme Nibral Inboard Propellers. Acme propellers, precision machined to the finest and most exacting quality, have revolutionized the propeller manufacturing industry and taken it, in terms of quality of product, to a new level. All Acme propellers are cast in their own North American foundry and are 100%% CNC machined in one of their two QS-9000 manufacturing facilities. The CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) milling machines accurately and consistently removes metal, and this manufacturing process is far superior to the less efficient hand finished approach. The CNC process results in a nearly perfect final product, with a large variable in boating performance- inefficiency in the manufacturing of propellers- having been eliminated.

Acme's Nibral Inboard Propellers are the result of the most advanced approach on the market today for consistently producing elite propellers with precise dimensions (diameter, pitch and cup, etc.) In using the CNC milling machines Acme is able to "dial in" to make incremental changes to all of these elements, resulting in Acme props, which are unrivaled in terms of quality and specifically designed for each specific make and model of boat.

When choosing a repair facility for your Acme propellers it is important to make sure that the facility which you select has either the appropriate scanning equipment or specifically designed pitch blocks for Acme props. The Delta Propeller Company is such a facility and we are members of the National Marine Propeller Association with over thirty years of propeller repair experience. We are specially trained and equipped to return your Acme props to specifications that are true to both the original design and accuracy level of their original form.

Call us today at toll free (877) 238-8214 with any questions or to schedule the repair of your Acme propellers.

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